Nikki Haley Faces Critical New Hampshire Primary Against Trump’s Dominance

Republican Representative Nikki Haley | Credits: Getty Images
Republican Representative Nikki Haley | Credits: Getty Images

United States: On Monday, a final push to convince New Hampshire voters is being made by the Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Donald Trump’s last remaining Republican opponent who is set to deliver her an upset victory in the state’s presidential nominating contest.

As per the report by Reuters, New Hampshire’s primary vote on Tuesday will split the state’s Republican voters into two camps: those who supported former president Trump and those against him. On Sunday, the contest devolved into a one-on-one race as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of his faltering campaign and offered Trump an endorsement.

End to Haley

Trump, who by polls leads Haley by double figures, aims to end the campaign of the former South Carolina governor’s career, given a death blow with another big victory. He glided to a new record win in Iowa’s Caucus race last week.

New Hampshire might be the last for Haley to prove the Republican base, as most of them consider Trump, who has rallied the party’s loyalty despite facing 91 criminal charges. He wasn’t proven guilty in any of the cases, claiming he was the victim of political persecution.

At the first of five planned campaign rallies in New Hampshire on Monday, Haley told a crowded veterans’ hall in a working-class community that Trump was fixated on vendettas and court challenges, preventing him from focusing on the future.

“When you go out on Tuesday, you’re gonna decide: do you want more of the same, or do you want something new?” Haley addressed Franklin voters.

Haley will round off her campaigning in New Hampshire by attending an evening rally at Salem, a Boston suburb.

Trump is only holding one event, a 9 p.m E.T. rally in Laconia – the central town where he will be accompanied by former GOP candidates Senator Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy who have since thrown their support behind him.

The state’s high percentage of nonpartisan voters who are eligible to vote in the Tuesday election makes New Hampshire more favorable ground for Haley than such a conservative Iowa.

What did Donald Trump and Nikki Haley encounter in the New Hampshire primary?

The Republican primary that is to take place in New Hampshire on Tuesday presents myriads of possibilities.

Even so, most statewide public polls show Trump with a double-digit lead. A Monmouth University poll released on Monday, but done before DeSantis left out, found that 52% of respondents would vote for Trump, 34% for Haley, and 8% for DeSantis.

According to the poll, DeSantis supporters were twice as likely to pick Trump over Haley as their second choice.

If Haley wins, her victory might provide her campaign the right momentum to win against Trump and will help her to generate the funds required to get ahead of the next major nominating contest on February 24 in South Carolina, in her home where she has previously served as governor for two terms.

The victor of this year’s Republican primary contests will face President Joe Biden, the expected Democratic contender, in the November general election.

While Republican competitors’ campaign in New Hampshire, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will launch a series of events aimed at highlighting Republican-backed abortion restrictions, which Democrats typically reject.

Monday is the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the decision that established a nationwide right to abortion until the U.S. Supreme Court reversed it in 2022, galvanizing Democratic voters.

Trails Postponed

The defamation case filed against Trump by novelist E. Jean Carroll, who claims he assaulted her decades ago. He was set to spend the morning potentially testifying in New York. Trump accuses Carroll of fabricating the story to promote her memoir.

However, the trial was postponed until Tuesday after a juror reported feeling ill and a parent of Trump’s primary lawyer tested positive for COVID-19. The trial judge said he would decide later whether to allow Trump to testify on Wednesday so that he could attend Tuesday’s vote in New Hampshire.

As with his criminal cases, which he has repeatedly utilized in fundraising appeals, Trump has framed the Carroll issue as part of a larger conspiracy by liberal forces to derail his election.

Last May, a separate jury held Trump civilly guilty for sexually abusing Carroll and sentenced him to pay $5 million in damages, a decision Trump described as “disgrace.”

In recent days, Haley, 52, has stepped up her attacks on Trump, claiming the 77-year-old has suffered cognitive impairment since his stay in the White House and condemning him for befriending authoritarian foreign leaders.

At a rally on Sunday in Rochester, New Hampshire, Trump accused Haley of forming an “unholy alliance” with liberals, “never-Trumpers” who oppose him, and RINOs, or Republicans in Name Only. He insulted her by using a variant of her given first name, Nimarata, and pushed bogus social media posts questioning her birthright citizenship in the United States.

Haley was born in South Carolina and is the daughter of Indian immigrants.