As Congress takes decisive steps to navigate the AI landscape, the bipartisan task force reflects a commitment to balancing innovation and regulation.

An internal government review reveals accountability loopholes in the screening of sponsors for unaccompanied immigrant kids, arousing doubts about other gaps.

Senator McDaniel's push for constitutional reform reflects a response to the contentious pardons by the previous governor, aiming to safeguard justice system integrity.

Biden's reelection campaign teamed up with House Democrats to open their post-Super Tuesday strategy by unveiling a joint plan that involves cooperation and active interaction.

The Senate’s grand plan passes through thresholds, symbolically showcasing such trade-offs between two subsets of foreign policy concerning the immigration policies and the promises made to allies.

While America prepares itself for wider action, the Middle East remains a dangerous place, and its politics are mired in complexity.

After the killing of three US Army soldiers in Jordan, President Biden assesses communication options, reporting overuse of a wider conflict in the Middle East.

Former President Donald Trump wanted to win New Hampshire and break Nikki Haley to a certain extent that his rival would drop from the Republican presidential nominations.