Kennedy Family Endorses Biden, Expresses Concerns Over Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Political Ambitions

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden. Credit | REUTERS

United States: Over 15 of the eminent Kennedy political family will endorse the US President Joe Biden at a passionate Philadelphia event today to offer disapproval over Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s difficult venture into office.

Political Landscape

In November, precisely two years after the past presidential contest, Republicans Trump and Democrats Biden will again fight to be the person who eventually ends up in the Oval Office. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, some disagreements have crop up over if Kennedy the strong anti-vaccination campaigner or any other third party would damage or either of their chances, as reported by Reuters.

Kennedy, the son of former US senator and presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy, rose to prominence as an environmental lawyer and afterwards became a much better-known vaccine opponent, with political views that demonstrate unbelievable eclectic diversity. He has 15% of support from registered voters’ contrast to Biden’s 39% and Trump’s 38%, as polled by Reuters poll.

Since the 19th century, many members of his esteemed and well-known Democratic lineage have disagreed with his unorthodox views.

Mixed Reception for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. American Politician. Credit | Getty images

“I can only imagine how Donald Trump’s outrageous lies and behavior would have horrified my father, Robert F. Kennedy,” according to prepared remarks, Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s younger sister Kerry Kennedy will say at the Biden campaign event. “Daddy stood for equal justice, human rights, and freedom from want and fear. Just as President Biden does today.”

Kennedy and other family members are also supposed to participate in door-to-door and phone calls as volunteers on behalf of Biden, campaign workers said.

The event on the same day coincides with Biden’s third day in Pennsylvania, the crucial key swing state for his reelection campaign. For Biden, the clinching of Pennsylvania is highly conditional on his being able to secure strong turnouts from the Black community in Philadelphia. The Kennedys’ fight for and advocacy of civil rights turned them into icons for many African American families.

Biden, the second president of the Catholic religion after JFK, has always emphasized the legacy that the family has had on his political ideologies.

In the book Promises to Keep, released in 2007, Biden explains that the rhetorical exemplar, charisma, and huge dreams of the Kennedy brothers and the former Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. compelled him into public service as a young adult. A bust of President Kennedy is in the Oval Office.

Biden’s Connection to the Kennedy Legacy

After his election, the second event that happened to him was when he was elected to Congress, where he formed a cordial relationship with his colleague and fellow Senator Ted Kennedy. Ted, John, and Robert Sr. had a brotherhood in common.

The values we have received have continued to the present. The White House observed St. Patrick’s Day last month with an Irish American family of at least dozens as its members.

Biden named Caroline Kennedy, the deceased president’s daughter, ambassador to Australia. Under Democratic President Obama, she has held the position of ambassador to Japan, as reported by Reuters.

“I have a big family,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Reuters last month. Many of them are working on my campaign. Not everybody agrees with me.”