Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher Announces Resignation, Impacting House Majority

Republican U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher
Republican U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher. Credit | AP Photo

United States – Republican U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher announced his plan to resign on April 19th. On Friday, his office reported that it would expel Republicans, which, just like Republicans, does not leave much space in the Senate.

Galagher has been chairperson of the House of Representatives Select Committee and had already declared that he would not be a reelection candidate in November. He resigned to devote more time to his family and run for mayor later, leaving the seat momentarily vacant, as reported by Reuters.

House Majority Dynamics

As of now, Democrats are trailing Republicans (219- 213) in the House of Representatives. But Congressman Ken Buck finalized his presidency on Friday afternoon.

As Gallagher leaves, that is equivalent to the narrow majority of 217-213. Jones can count on only losing one vote in order to have a legislation passed if Democrats stay united in opposition.

Impact on Legislation

“I’ve worked closely with House Republican leadership on this timeline and look forward to seeing Speaker Johnson appoint a new chair to carry out the important mission of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party,” Gallagher said in a statement, as reported by Reuters.

Division Within GOP

The way a majority in the Republican party is tough to handle, and Johnson has employed more Democrats to pass crucial measures such as a government funding bill that was approved in the House on Friday. The GOP hardliner representative Marjorie Taylor Green was so angry that she called a vote for impeachment six months after the party forced former speaker Kevin McCarthy out.